How To Interact


Winnow (wɪnəʊ) verb, transitive: To separate grain from chaff by means of a wind or current of air.

Winnowe (wɪnəʊ) verb, transitive: To separate statistical grain from chaff by means of the internet.

Good science requires good debate
All content on this website is open to debate via the discussion section on each page. Unlike traditional journals our discussion section never closes (comments are moderated and this may result in a minor delay to publication).

Readers are welcome to further discuss the articles we appraise or to appraise our appraisal (or both). We welcome additional information, factual corrections, agreement, disagreement, relevant references, further reading and clinical perspectives. We also guarantee space for a reply/rejoinder from the relevant authors, journal and sponsors.

Some simple guidelines:
Try to stay on topic, if possible reference which item on the checklist you’re commenting on e.g. “C6a”.
Avoid libel, name calling, advertising, off topic discussion. Try to use complete sentences and avoid slang.