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Our policy is open, signed peer review.

Methods Appraisal editors:
Richard Walton
Sean McGuigan

Previous experience:
Academic research, public & private health and the pharmaceutical industry.

Conflicts of interest (financial):
Richard Walton has 168 RS units in Eli Lilly.

Conflicts of interest (non-financial):
We take no particular statistical stance, and recognise the strengths of frequentist, error-frequentist, Bayesian and other methods. A Senn-sible approach:

Having tried, as a practising jobbing statistician, to use various alternative approaches to inference including Fisher’s, I have reached a stage of perplexed cynicism. I don’t believe that any one of them is likely to be enough on its own … I am very reluctant to do without the bag of inferential tricks he [Fisher] created for us … and I think that his wisdom is regularly underestimated by his critics, but I also don’t think that Fisher is enough. I think, for example, that you also need to think regularly in a Bayesian way. However, I also think that Bayes is not enough …

(Senn S, 2011)

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